Collection: Hay

Fresh from the Farm! 

As the growers of the hay that we sell (aka we are the Farmers) we are passionate about top quality hay products for your small animals.  We plant the hay seeds, watch it grow and mature, cut, dry and bale it, package it and we also do all our own deliveries- a true small Canadian farm business.

Confused about hay varieties? What does 1st cut mean?  Why doesn't my 2nd cut have seed heads in it?  Why are the hay varieties all different colours and not the same as the store bought brands that are imported from the USA?  Not sure what kind your animals may like?  We are here to help as every animals preference is different we offer free hay samples for your animals to try out first.  80 % of your small animals diet should be hay so its important to us that they are getting the variety and cut they prefer ( saves on very costly vet bills when they eat the proper amount of hay)    Fill in the contact us form to request your hay samples or email us at