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2 in 1 Carrot Beehive Bed

2 in 1 Carrot Beehive Bed

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Hand washing and line drying only

This luxurious 2 In 1 Carrot "Beehive" Bed for your little ones to escape into, or to sleep in or on top, as they prefer.

This fabric bed is very well made, and feels lovely to the touch. It's study too, so won't flop flat!

Lined with soft plush lining and features tough, durable polyester fabrics and a gorgeous, super soft plush lining.

Design is sized for guinea pigs, but other suitably sized critters, such as ferrets, rats and dwarf rabbits may also enjoy it too.

Suitable for hand-washing only.

Size: 26 cm high, 33 cm wide, 35 cm deep.

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