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Wheat straw

Wheat straw

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We are pleased to offer clean, bright baled wheat straw, in 32 lb (approximate weight) bales, delivered to your door!

$35.00 per bale.  These wheat bales are   ***UNTREATED***

AVAILABLE ON REQUEST  $45.00 per bale of   ***Fire Resistant***   wheat straw. These bales are "Fire RESISTANT" and are treated with SafeCoat FR41 Broad Spectrum Fire Retardant. It is non toxic and contains no harmful ingredients. Fire Code requirements in Ontario require all straw bales that are used under tents, at trade shows, indoors, in public gatherings, in amusement parks and rides, at public assemblies, etc are Fire Resistant and must be treated and declared as such.

Mini bales are great for fall decorations,  or for bedding small pens.



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