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Rosewood I Love Hay Cube

Rosewood I Love Hay Cube

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Treat your furry friend to endless entertainment with the Rosewood I Love Hay Cube.  This delicious hay coated box is filled with meadow hay and marigold flowers, they can nibble, chew, and destroy to their heart's content! Delight their senses and keep them busy for hours.

Heart shaped windows are designed for small animals to chew larger to reach the goodness inside the box.  Keep filling with hay for hours of enjoyment.

We recommend you supervise your small animals when using this product they can be mischievous. 

Available in 2 sizes

Medium Size-13 x 13 cm

Large Size- 20 x 20 cm 

 Composition- Meadow Hay, vegetable starch, cardboard, marigold blossoms.

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