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Hay Country

Rosewood Meadow Hay Cookies

Rosewood Meadow Hay Cookies

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Meadow Hay Cookies

 These Meadow Hay Cookies from Rosewood pet are just lovely! Made from the highest quality long stranded and soft mixed meadow hay, these cookies contain a mixed meadow hay harvested from Bavaria.

Once harvested, the hay has been barn dried, and the action of warm air and dust extraction ensures the hay is perfectly dry and so free from mold spores. It also keeps the lovely fresh green colour and aroma.

Can be fed freely. Recommended for rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas and degus.

Feeding compressed hay can help reduce mess, help reduce respiratory dust (for both your little ones and the human members of the household!), and prevent waste from soiling.

This mixed meadow hay contains over 20 different types of grass and edible plants, including tall oat grass, orchard grass, downy alpine oat grass, smooth stalk meadow grass, velvet grass, soft broom grass, sorrel, dandelion, plantain, wild chervil, red clover and tufted vetch ... to name but a few!

Available in 2 cookie pack, 500 g bags (4-5 cookies) or 6.5 Kg Bulk Box.

NEW  SIZE- 1.5 Kg bag 

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